Parecoxib introduction

Brief Anticipatory Medication Guidelines

Dr Nadia Khan

Scope of the Guideline

This guidance has been produced to support the use of subcutaneous parecoxib in palliative care patients for cancer pain. It is aimed at the inpatient setting, although use in the community setting may be considered where responsibility for its use, prescription and monitoring is jointly agreed between specialist palliative and primary care.

General information

This guidance has been developed to establish a degree of consensus in clinical practice that is likely to be beneficial to symptom control management in palliative care, despite the current low quality evidence level.

Disclaimer (SPAGG - Rewrite)

This Guide is intended for use by healthcare professionals and the expectation is that they will use clinical judgement, medical, and nursing knowledge in applying the general principles and recommendations contained within. They are not meant to replace the many available texts on the subject of palliative care.

Some of the management strategies describe the use of drugs outside their licensed indications. They are, however, established and accepted good practice. Please refer to the current BNF for further guidance.

While WMPCPS takes every care to compile accurate information , we cannot guarantee its correctness and completeness and it is subject to change. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or expense resulting from the use of this information.