Mckinley Syringe Driver Pump

McKinley® T34 infusion pump (syringe driver/pump)

About the McKinley® T34 infusion pump (syringe driver/pump)

  • The McKinley® T34 syringe driver/pump is used to deliver drugs at a predetermined rate via the subcutaneous route over a 24 hour period
  • A maximum of 3 compatible drugs can be mixed in a syringe for administration via this route
  • Staff should only use this equipment if trained to do so
  • With a McKinley® syringe driver/pump it is the volume of the infusion fluid that is important as only Becton Dickinson® (BD Plastipak®) syringes are recommended
  • The syringe driver/pump calculates and displays the deliverable volume, duration of infusion and rate of infusion (ml/hr)

Setting up a McKinley® Syringe Driver/Pump

You will need:

  • McKinley® T34 syringe driver/pump
  • 9v alkaline/lithium battery – PP3 recommended
  • 20ml or 30ml BD Plastipak® Luer-lok syringe
  • If a large volume of medication is required then a 50ml syringe is also an option (this will not fit in the lockable case device); it may not be possible for syringes to be filled to capacity
    i.e. 34-44ml can be delivered from a 50ml syringe and 24ml can be delivered from a 30ml syringe
  • Infusion (or giving) set
  • 22 G cannula
  • Clear adhesive film dressing
  • Diluent (usually water for injection however some medicines are more stable in sodium chloride 0.9% therefore check against resources)
  • Medication as prescribed
  • Label to be attached to syringe
  • Holster for ambulatory patients

Preparing the McKinley® Syringe Driver/Pump​ infusion

With McKinley® T34 the final volume in the syringe will determine the rate of infusion (ml/hr)

  • Dissolve powdered drugs with sterile water for injection if necessary (sterile water for injections may not be needed if other drugs can act as the diluent)
  • Draw up drugs into syringe and dilute to volume required with sterile water for injection
  • Rock the syringe to ensure mixing of the contents.
  • Label the syringe clearly with the:-
    • patient’s name
    • infusion contents and doses
    • date and time
    • initials of persons preparing and checking
  • Prime the infusion line and cannula
  • Insert the cannula subcutaneously into the patient in an appropriately identified area for administration
  • Secure with clear film adhesive

Preparing the McKinley® Syringe Driver/Pump​

  • Install the battery in the syringe driver/pump (a battery of 100% has a 3-4 day life only)
  • Ensure barrel clamp arm is down
  • Press and hold the ON/OFF key until “pump identification” screen appears
  • Screen will indicate “Pre-Loading” and then syringe sensor detection screen will appear
  • Press INFO key several times to check battery power (and discard if e.g. <40% according to local policy), then press YES to confirm

Fitting syringe into the McKinley® Syringe Driver/Pump​

  • Check patient’s name is correct with the patient’s ID label (e.g. wrist band label)
  • Check drugs are correct with the prescription chart
  • Lift and turn barrel arm
  • Seat the filled syringe collar and plunger so the back of the collar sits in the central rest, the collar should be vertical and the scale on the barrel should face forward and be easily read
  • Lower the barrel clamp arm (syringe graphic will stop flashing when syringe correctly seated)
  • Syringe brand and size will be displayed

Commencing the McKinley® Syringe Driver/Pump​ infusion

  • After confirming the syringe the display will show the deliverable volume, duration and rate of the infusion e.g.
  • Check the line is connected to the syringe driver/pump and press YES
  • Press YES to confirm or ON/OFF to return to syringe options
  • Pump screen will prompt – Start Infusion?
  • Check the line is connected to the syringe driver/pump and press YES
  • When the syringe driver/pump is running the screen will display e.g.
  • Green LED light will flash every 32 seconds
  • A breakthrough dose of analgesia may be needed as it will take 4 to 6 hours for therapeutic blood plasma levels to be reached using the syringe driver/pump for the first time or for dose increments
  • To lock the keypad: press and hold down the INFO key (screen shows a progress bar moving from left to right) until the bar has moved completely to the right and a beep is heard to confirm lock has been activated. (When keypad is locked the buttons NO/STOP; YES/START; INFO are still active)
  • To unlock the keypad: repeat this procedure, the bar will run from right to left and a beep is heard to confirm the keypad is unlocked
  • A lockbox is available for the McKinley® syringe driver/pump – see photo below (this lockbox will not take a syringe larger than 30ml although the McKinley® syringe driver/pump will take a 50ml syringe)


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