Breathlessness services

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  • Physio – Chest Clearance via Respiratory consultant
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation – electronic referral on EMIS
  • Action Heart Exercise Referral Scheme – for breathless patients requiring supervised exercise conditioning:
    direct referral via electronic form on EMIS;

    Also “Action Health” for cancer referrals requiring supervised exercise conditioning – electronic referral or hard copy referral form (which has to be scanned and emailed to:- [email protected]) accepted.

    The above referrals lead to12 weeks of supervised, or remote, exercise with Action Heart. Counselling and weight management included.

  • Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Stable patients with Heart Failure & Lung Disease, refer to Pulmonary Rehabilitation. Stable patients with Heart Failure & no Lung Disease, refer to Action Heart.
  • Oxygen – electronic referral on EMIS
  • FAB Group (Fatigue, Anxiety & Breathlessness)
  • Lets Get Healthy – Patient refer via website:

Sandwell and West Birmingham

Patients registered with Sandwell & WB CCG practice and/or a Sandwell resident:
Please refer patients needing breathlessness management using our Community Contact Centre, where you can access the Cardio-Respiratory services for patients with Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, Bronchiectasis and ILD.

Treatments offered are:

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Onwards referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation (patients with Heart Failure only)
  • Individualised Breathlessness management depending on diagnosis/condition
  • Chest Physio for patients (for patients with respiratory disease & retaining sputum)
  • Long-Covid Clinic

Community Contact Centre phone number: 0121 507 2664
Community Palliative Care: Connected Palliative Care number: 0121 507 2664 (option2)
email: [email protected]


General Respiratory Issues:

  • North Locality hub contact: 01922 605750
  • East Locality hub contact: 01922 605442
  • South Locality hub contact: 01922 605752
  • West Locality hub contact: 01922 605764

Community Palliative Care Physio/OT
[email protected]01922 602630

Community CNS/Consultant
[email protected] /  01922 602620

Walsall Specialist Stop Smoking Service: 01922 444044

Pulmonary and Cardiac rehabilitation Walsall Rehabilitation & Healthy Living (Heart Care)

Supervised or remote exercise programme

Tai Chi classes available

Please email: [email protected] – attaching generic referral form


  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation – electronic referral
  • Lets Breathe – accessible to hospice patients experiencing breathlessness & fatigue. 4 week rolling program for 6 patients 2 hrs p/wk
    Criteria – already known to Compton Care; GSF green; reversible causes exclude Covid-19 and chest infection.
  • Palliative breathlessness management refer via our care coordination team 01902 774570 or via our website

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